Pickup Locations

13 Dec 2010, Posted by Morris Grassfed in FAQs
Once you place your order and choose your pick-up location, we will e-mail you with specific details on your pick-up time.
  • Aptos –  200 block of Seacliff Drive, parallel to the meadow overlooking the ocean
  • Berkeley – Berkeley Marina (across from  the  Doubletree  Hotel)
  • Camarillo – 5590 Fieldcrest Drive  (across from Winchester Way)
  • Fairfield – Nut Tree Airport on Nut Tree Road off E. Monte Vista, just past Denny’s overflow parking near Fenton’s
  • Fremont – Northgate Community Park, in the center parking lot (Enter off of Milton)
  • Gilroy – Miller Park, Carmel Street at Second
  • Hollister – Dunne Park, West Street side
  • Monterey – Monterey County Fairgrounds, Gate 6
  • Palo Alto / Portola Valley  – 2718  Alpine  Rd., Menlo Park, former Webb  Ranch  Farmer’s  Market  just  east  of  Hwy.  280
  • Pasadena – Victory Park off N. Altadena Drive on Paloma St.
  • Pleasanton – Stoneridge  Mall  Rd.  &  McWilliams  Lane
  • Sacramento – 2300  River  Plaza  Drive, in front of the Farm Bureau building
  • San Francisco – 100 block of Lakeshore Drive, between Sunset and Skyline Blvds., near Lake Merced but NOT in parking lot;
  • San Jose – Doerr  Park, 2600 block of  Park  Wilshire  Dr.
  • San Jose – Columbus Park along Asbury Street
  • San Juan Bautista – Mission Vineyard Road & Highway 156, towards St. Francis Retreat
  • San Luis Obispo – Veteran’s Memorial Building, 801 Grand Avenue
  • Santa Barbara – Dwight Murphy Park, in parking lot along Ninos Drive
  • Santa Monica – 2948 Colorado Ave. @ Stanford Street (Bundy Exit from Hwy 10) Westside Chrisitan Fellowship Church
  • Scotts Valley – Former Community Center, 360 Kings Village Road
  • Westminster – 13331 Beach Blvd., Westminster Gateway Shopping Center (we’ll be parked behind Walmart)