California Heritage Farms Pork

For those of you who love pastured pork, we recommend California Heritage Farms Pork. Because we’ll be driving a smaller truck in 2018, unfortunately we will not be able to deliver pork any longer. We encourage you to contact the Harrises directly to place your order and arrange for delivery.

       The Harrises are as passionate about the land and good food as we are.  Native Californians, they grew up in Fort Jones, and have returned to the family ranch to raise their kids and produce amazing grassfed beef and pork.  Jim and Rich Harris (brothers!) are true stewards of the land, working to create beauty all around them. Each is involved with the business, as well as their partners: Michelle and Niki … and a whole bunch of cute kiddos.

“We believe that great food doesn’t start in the kitchen.  Great food starts with warm sunshine, green grass, and clean water, then curated by the farmer who feeds the animal, nurtures the land, and harvests the bounty. When food is raised as nature intended, a great meal is sure to follow.”

“Our cattle and pigs get plenty of warm California sunshine all year long while roaming and rooting on the grasses of several different pastures. We are dedicated to producing great beef and great pork, which means we never give our animals feed that contains GMOs, fillers, or antibiotics.  Our pigs are Chester Whites and Berkshires, both heritage breeds.”

For questions about pork, please feel free to e-mail Niki directly at: Niki@caheritagefarms.com or visit their website here.