California Heritage Farms Pork

We are excited to announce that we are now offering California Heritage Farms Pork pasture-raised pork. We look forward to stocking your freezer with a delicious variety of pork roasts, chops, baby back ribs, and – of course – bacon.

       Our friends the Harrises are as passionate about the land and good food as we are.  Native Californians, they grew up in Fort Jones, and have returned to the family ranch to raise their kids and produce amazing grassfed beef and pork.  Jim and Rich Harris (brothers!) are true stewards of the land, working to create beauty all around them.


Each is involved with the business, as well as their partners: Michelle and Niki … and a whole bunch of cute kiddos.

“We believe that great food doesn’t start in the kitchen.  Great food starts with warm sunshine, green grass, and clean water, then curated by the farmer who feeds the animal, nurtures the land, and harvests the bounty. When food is raised as nature intended, a great meal is sure to follow.”

“Our cattle and pigs get plenty of warm California sunshine all year long while roaming and rooting on the grasses of several different pastures. We are dedicated to producing great beef and great pork, which means we never give our animals feed that contains GMOs, fillers, or antibiotics.  Our pigs are Chester Whites and Berkshires, both heritage breeds.”

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California Heritage Pork Package – $495

This is the best option for creative chefs who love to mix their own sausage spice blends and who know that fresh pork belly is the unsung hero of the whole hog. This option equals roughly 70-80* lbs. (half a pig) of a cut & wrapped pork. Package will include a variety of cuts including shoulder roasts (2-3 lbs. each- picnic and boston), 1.5″ thick bone-in pork chops, spare ribs, fresh belly (side pork), leg roasts, and one-pound packages of sausage! Specialty cuts will be included at the butcher’s discretion (tongue, lard, kidney fat, bones, heart … all the stuff Rover loves!)  Please note: this option does NOT include bacon.

California Heritage Smoked Pork – $545

Bacon and ham lovers unite!  The key difference in this option is that traditional (nitrate free) smoked bacon, smoked hams, and smoked ham steaks are included. The ground pork is pre-seasoned with a delicious breakfast blend; ready for some quick patties or to be added to your morning scramble. This option equals roughly 70-80* lbs. (half a pig) of a cut & wrapped pork. Package will include shoulder roasts (2-3 lbs. each- picnic and boston), 1.5″ thick bone-in pork chops, spare ribs, bacon, hams, ham steaks, one-pound packages of breakfast sausage, and whole hocks.  Specialty cuts will be included at the butcher’s discretion (tongue, lard, kidney fat, bones & heart.)

For questions about pork, please feel free to e-mail Niki directly at: Niki@caheritagefarms.com or visit their website here.

*This is not an exact number. All weights are approximate and depend upon the size of the animal and butcher yields.

**From Niki Harris: 

“Bacon is “belly” that has been smoked.  So, our “smoked” package includes bacon, the “fresh” package (not smoked) includes belly, which is where bacon comes from but it is not bacon.  We love fresh belly because you can easily make a spice mix that emulates bacon, you can also cook the belly as a whole with some amazing rubs (this is a favorite!).  You can also cut the belly into steaks and cook like this.  We are working to develop some great recipes that we will share in the future for cuts like this … stay tuned.”