How It Works

Like all fresh, real food Morris Grassfed Beef is a seasonal product. Orders for Morris Grassfed Beef are taken year round until our supply runs out. We harvest our animals on a seasonal basis, when the grass is still green and the animals have “finished” from May through August.


Our portions start with a split-half which ranges between 80-90 lbs. For more details on what’s included in a split-half, click here. We sell our beef directly to the consumer. You can also order a half (approx 180 lbs)  or whole (approx 360 lbs) portion. Special cutting instructions for the butcher are possible for halves and wholes. Many of our customers purchase portions and split them with family or friends.

Variety Sampler is a great introductory way to try our beef. It’s a (roughly) 23 lb. box including approximately 4-5 steaks, 2-3 roasts and nine pounds of our famous ground beef. Affordably priced at a flat fee of $180, we deliver for free and because you pay for it when you place your order, it’s super easy to pick up and go on delivery day. You’ll be grilling a burger by 6 PM and enjoying steaks and roasts for weeks to come. Limited supply. 

We also sell organ meats, bones, and extra ground beef until our supplies run out. You can add these to your order under our EXTRAS section during the order process.


We have two pickup options, Traditional and CSA-Style*. A non-refundable deposit of $250, applied to your balance due, is required to reserve your order. All beef is delivered frozen and in labeled packages with the cut and weight. Our beef freezes very well and can be preserved safely for a year or more in a freezer.

Traditional Style Option: Our ‘Traditional’ deliveries give you all of your beef at one time, along with any extras that you might order. We have a number of drop-off locations throughout the SF Bay Area, central coast and southern California. You can see & print a list of our delivery locations here.  As you place your order, you pick the date and time that fits best with your schedule.

CSA-Style Option: CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You purchase a split-half, but we store the portion and deliver it to you in four 20-25 lb. installments. The ‘CSA-Style’ is ideal for people who would like to eat Morris Grassfed Beef but do not have the freezer capacity to store an entire split-half at once. You only pay for what’s in the box, as each customer’s amount due is determined by box weight. *Please note: This option will be discontinued in 2018.

Home Delivery: Our friends at Good Eggs and Eating With the Seasons CSA will deliver Morris Grassfed to you directly.

Eating With the Seasons, a Bay Area-CSA that offers Morris Grassfed in smaller portion boxes (about 10 lbs. or less) and delivers weekly. Weekly deliveries can be arranged by ordering directly through them. Becky Herbert is the fifth generation of a Hollister farming family. In addition to offering her own Herbert Family Farm’s products, Becky works with organic and local producers to source the freshest fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat products she can. Then they deliver at various drop-off sites around the SF Bay Area. Laura Herbert, Becky’s sister, coordinates the CSA and can be reached at 831.245.8125, M-F, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Give her a call and be sure to tell her Morris Grassfed sent you!


Order Early for the Best Choices of Pick-up Dates: We start accepting orders for the upcoming year in March. Orders are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Depending on demand, we may still have portions available throughout the year, but we recommend that you place your order early to ensure you can select your preferred pickup location and time.

Non-refundable Deposit Reserves Your Order: When you place an order a non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to confirm and reserve your order. The deposit is applied to your balance due upon pick-up. The final price is based on the final weight of the meat and is due upon delivery. Because of the complicated logistics and planning involved in cutting, wrapping & delivering your beef, we ask that customers pay a deposit to ensure pick-up on the scheduled day and time. 

If you would like to place an order, please fill out the order form and return it to us – or sign up for our newsletter list to stay informed on our supply.


 We understand that situations change, people move, and sometimes customers have to cancel an order. On the rare occasion a customer is unhappy with the way the beef is cut or wrapped, we will do our best to replace/ exchange it (cut by a different butcher) in a timely manner, however, we do not do door-to-door deliveries and will ask that you return the beef to us in San Juan Bautista for an exchange or refund. CSA orders are paid for ahead of time and stored by us. Due to up-front butcher cut & wrap expenses, we cannot offer money back on them.