Welcome to the ranch. Morris Grassfed provides 100% grassfed and finished beef to customers throughout California. Our beef is processed in USDA inspected facilities, cut & wrapped by small-scale, artisan butchers & delivered directly to you at pre-arranged delivery locations throughout the year. 

Be sure to order early in the year for the best selection of delivery dates and locations!  

We are a family owned company and have been direct marketing our grassfed beef to Californians for 25 years. We practice Holistic Management™ on the rangelands we manage, taking into account the land, animals, and people affected by our decisions.  We invite you to take a tour of our operations here and to learn about the social, ecological and health benefits of 100% grass finished beef.

Bon Appétit … and please remember to close the gates behind you.

SAN FRANCISCO & SILICON VALLEY residents: Order by the pound – delivered to your front door with next-day delivery! via Good Eggs.

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