Cows in pasture - 20 years
Joe & Everett 20 yrs
Joe, hillside 20 yrs
cows, hillside 20 yrs
Joe & Everett 2, 20 yrs
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Welcome to the ranch. Morris Grassfed provides 100% grassfed and finished beef to customers throughout California. Our beef is processed in USDA inspected facilities, cut & wrapped by small-scale artisan butchers, and delivered directly to you at pre-arranged drop-off points throughout the year. Secure orders can be placed online or by calling (831) 623-2933.

       We are a family owned company. We practice Holistic Management™ on the rangelands we manage, taking into account the land, animals, and people affected by our decisions. We welcome you to our website and invite you to take a ranch tour of our operations and learn about the ecological and health benefits of 100% grassfed, and finished, beef.

Bon Appetit ... and please remember to close the gates behind you.

~ The Morris Grassfed Team 



“Just wanted to tell you I watched Food, Inc., last night, with my eight year old daughter. It was pretty upsetting for her, and I felt so proud clicking over to your website to show her where our family's beef comes from. We watched some of the videos, too, ‘Crossing the road.’  THANK YOU, for the gift you give to all of us customers.”

Dan Duane


Producing healthy relationships between people, land, animals and food.